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We Provide You With Upfront Pricing
You will be aware of the whole cost of the project before we begin. With Maine, there are no pricey surprises! In the event of an emergency, we collaborate with our clients to discover the best solutions.

We complete the majority of jobs on the same day.

It’s not just a catchphrase; we genuinely want to be the greatest electrical contractors in the region. When you call us for a repair, we may send an electrician out the same day to diagnose the problem. We don’t make you wait because you don’t have time to squander.

We Are a Family-Owned and Operated Business.

We’ve developed great ties with our clients throughout the years. Scott Mamola, our owner, envisioned his firm providing not just 5-star electrical competence, but also the greatest quality customer service. With this objective, we’ve attempted to distinguish ourselves from other electrical contractors. Since 2004, Maine Electric has been proudly serving the San Jose and Bay Area neighbourhoods.

We are Professional Electricians.

When it comes to home electrical services, Maine electricians are the go-to people. You are employing a licenced, skilled, trained, and trustworthy electrical contractor when you deal with us. We are confident that you will be completely delighted with our level of competence as well as our level of caring for you as a valued customer.

Maine Electric takes pride in providing the finest in customer service and quality craftsmanship, regardless of the complexity of your electrical job.


Providing Residential Electrical Work for New Homes, Condos, Renovations and More.


Providing Commercial Electrical Work for Retail, Offices, Restaurants and More.


Providing Industrial Electrical Work for Processing, Manufacturing, Power Generation and More.


Home Rewires


Service Upgrades


Circuit Breaker Repair/ Replacement


Ceiling Fan Install


Aluminum Wiring


EV Charging


Pot Lights


Electrical Inspections


“We Hired Maine Electric from a recommendation. Communication was excellent and the work was very professional.” John Caine

“I was quite pleased with the master electrician I was assigned to. We will undoubtedly use your services again.” Jane Lester

“I was put in touch with Maine Electric. They were quite pleasant and knowledgeable. Excellent customer service.” David Cantor

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly do Electricians in Maine do?

Electricians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all electrical and power systems in our homes, businesses, and industries. They install and maintain the wiring and control equipment that allow electricity to flow. In addition, they install and repair electrical equipment and machinery in factories and a variety of other enterprises.

What Do Maine Electricians Charge?

We Typically Charge $120 Per hour for an Electrician, and $65 for an apprentice. Contact us for pricing and availability.

The electric energy that flows through your home is like the lifeblood of your home. It allows things to function. This is never more apparent than after a sudden power loss. We’ve seen extension cables used to wire between studs, outlet covers concealing duct tape, and sparking wires across carpets, all because some individuals seem to believe that the lowest bidder should handle electrical work.

Whether you are installing sockets or wiring a new subdivision of houses, you will need the services of a reputable certified electrician. Because of the hazards and intricacies involved, education and expertise are essential. Even though a work looks simple to the untrained eye, it may quickly become intricate and deadly.

Is Electrician Work Dangerous?

Electricians operate in a variety of environments and may be exposed to a variety of risks, including lead, solvents, solder, and other chemicals. They come across:

  • Risk of deadly electric shock.
  • Risk of pain or injury from uncomfortable positions.
  • Repeated manual tasks.
  • Lifting heavy items.

What Small Jobs Will Electricians do?

No matter how big or small your house is, you can count on Residential Electrical Companies to handle all of your electrical needs.

How do Electricians get Clients?

1. Get to know your audience.

2. Keep your current consumers happy.

3. Take control of your online profile.

4. Create online reviews and respond to them.5

5. Make yourself visible in person, online, and in print.

6. Be as responsive and adaptable as you possibly can be.

How do I Become an Electrician in Maine?

  1. Earn a high school diploma or equivalent
  2.  Look at getting pre-apprenticeship training at a trade school or postsecondary faculty
  3. Get sponsored to get an apprenticeship by a contractor substantiated in Maine
  4. Register as an electrician apprentice or trainee in your province (if needed )
  5. Complete your apprenticeship in Maine

Does Maine Require an Electrical License?

Yes, Electricians in Maine must be licensed to do electrical work on both residential and commercial sites.

Which States Reciprocate with Maine Electrical License?

Maine has reciprocity agreements for master electricians with just two states, according to the Department of Professional and Financial Regulations: New Hampshire and Vermont. At the Journeyman level, they reciprocate with six states (new Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming.)